Commitment to customer service is not just another statement at Western Pennsylvania Steel Fabricating. It is the result of awareness and dedication of highly trained employees and management, who as a team, know and understand your business and your requirements. To achieve this standard of excellence, we adhere to the most stringent industrial standards for quality control to insure that all of our products meet or surpass your specifications. Our staff upholds a strong internal tradition, through experience, for innovative and reliable performance.

Our reputation depends on it!


Western Pennsylvania Steel Fabricating began in 1976 with myself, Fredric R. DeFiore, founder and two employees determined to strike out on our own to develop a company that offered unprecedented services to our customers. Because of our efforts, the business quickly grew and in 1978 a second addition was needed. Western Pennsylvania Steel Fabricating continued to attract a broader customer base and again expanded it’s operations with a third addition in 1981.

The company’s goals are simple and straight forward: “Listen to our customers and deliver what they want.” This statement has stood the test of time. Western Pennsylvania Steel Fabricating has grown internally as well as externally because of the customer oriented and family-like attitude that has prevailed over the years. We as a company, become totally involved in supportive, quality engineering expertise until the job reaches completion.

We will continue to strive for the highest standards and close working relationships with management and employees, and in the future hope to share them with you, our valued customer, in the challenging years ahead.

Fred J DeFiore

Western Pennsylvania Steel Fabricating